Utah CHL Revisited

It appears that HB 356 does not have much support in the Texas House after all, and there is no corresponding bill in the Senate, and it may not even get to a vote in the House. So, you are going to run out and get your cheap Utah non-resident license with the 4-hour course, right?

Well, oops… The state of Utah just passed a law that they will no longer issue non-resident permits to anyone who does not have a CHL in his or her state of residence, and the governor signed it last week. That effectively closes off the possibility of skipping the Texas CHL in favor of a non-resident Utah CHL. They won’t give you one any more, unless you already have a Texas resident CHL.

Utah has been working on several anti-non-resident CHL provisions. For a while, they were considering a requirement that the Utah CHL class be held in the state of Utah (Texas already requires the Texas CHL class to be taught in Texas). I suspect the reason is that the non-resident permit program has been costing Utah more that it gets in permit fees.

If you have been thinking about getting a non-resident permit from another state instead of a Texas CHL just to save money, you are soon going to discover that is false economy. The permit fees and classroom fees are only a fleabite anyway — the real expense of carrying a handgun responsibly is the practice you need to do every month. If you can’t afford that, you are better off not carrying a gun.

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