Prepper TV Show — A Really Bad Idea

I got a call from a TV reporter last week wanting to know if I would be willing to do an interview on ‘prepping.’ I replied, “I am ABSOLUTELY NOT interested,” and hung up. Later, I learned that she had emailed my wife about the same thing. Of course, my wife simply ignored the email. Then this reporter tried getting some folks that we knew from the prepper community to email us to try to get us to do an interview.

TV Reporter

TV Reporter: "How much food and water do you have stored away, and where do you keep it?"

Why would I pass up an opportunity to be on TV? Well, for starters, I’m not stupid.

Apparently, my wife and I have a fairly high profile in the prepper community, which I consider a Bad Thing. Worse, we seem to be the most visible preppers in our geographical area. I’m not sure how we got that distinction, but it probably has something to do with my wife’s well-written prepper blog.

Now, you may be thinking that I’m blowing my OPSEC by even posting about this, but there is a BIG difference between a blog post and a mainstream TV show. Namely, the people who come here are actually looking for me and information that I might have that would be of interest to them. Even if the reporter from channel 33 doesn’t plan to do a hatchet-job to make ‘preppers’ look silly (or worse, dangerous), I would bet money that is what her manager has in mind. Then all it would take is for the government to appoint a ‘doctor’ to rule that I’m “mentally deficient” and deprive me of my firearms (and a good portion of my livelihood).

How do I know she would do a hatchet-job? Because that’s what reporters *do*. I have witnessed some really egregious hatchet-jobs done to organizations where I was a member, after verbal assurances that coverage would be ‘favorable’ and ‘balanced.’ Excuse me, but reporters lie. They are under pressure to get a ‘story’ and they will tell you whatever they think will get you to interview. If you get a call from a reporter wanting to interview you for any topic, your wisest course is to refuse. Especially if you own a gun. You see, gun ownership is not Politically correct.

I have noticed a few other prepper blogs reporting similar happenings. The Suburban Prepper, for instance, ran an excellent article explaining why prepper TV coverage is a Bad Thing, so I won’t belabor the point — just go over there and read it.

In the unlikely event that you are reading this blog, and don’t know what a prepper is, a prepper is a person who is taking steps to educate himself/herself and prepare for various types of disasters. Disasters come in several degrees of likelihood and severity. They include natural disasters, such as hurricanes, tornadoes, ice-storms, earthquakes, and tsunamis. And they include man-made disasters like the illegal gun confiscation that made the aftermath of hurricane Katrina even worse. Typical preparations include storing emergency food and water — which could be deemed ‘hoarding’ by unfriendly ‘authorities.’

Public domain photo of Dear Leader


Especially one that recently issued an Executive Order that allows him to personally take charge of “resource allocation” (including food) even without having to declare an emergency.

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  2. One thing that I have noticed over the last year concerning the Preppers is that they fail to recognize, notice, or address the one major issue that plagues all military campaigns, whether defensive or offensive; Viruses and Bacteria.

    Both of these issues account for more loss of “Man-Hours” than any other issue in a battle. More than enemy, bombs, or friendly fire, both bacteria and viruses will bring down the fighting force. Doomsday Preppers fail to take into account that either one of these issues can and will bring down the fight long before they every have to fight with a zombie or communist.

    Now take into account that both the zombies and the communist (democrats) have access to both of these hazardous items.


    Here is a perfect example of how a Zombie Apocalypse could actually be in the makings right now. Obama now wants to allow Law Enforcement to be able to access medical records before returning a firearm…. would this be to make sure they are not mentally ill? or, would it be so that they can make sure they are Zombie Blood contaminated.

    Read my blog to see more.

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