CHL Class at a Private School

Photo Credit: Thomas Favre-Bulle

Photo Credit: Thomas Favre-Bulle

I had a private school teacher in my last CHL class, who was planning to carry at his school, with the permission of his principal — which is legal, BTW. The written authorization of the principal and/or school board to carry a handgun (concealed or otherwise) is the difference between a felony and a non-crime.

In a follow-up with the principal of the school, I volunteered to do a class for the entire staff on their facility pro bono. My brother Tom, who teaches advanced marksmanship classes (active shooter, personal protection outside the home, and others) also volunteered his time, so the only costs for the school will be the range fees, and class supplies.

I am really excited about this, and I hope to get some publicity out of it. I’ll post more when and if I can put this together — as early as next month, I hope!

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  1. One thing I need to point out here is the propensity for some people to “Jump to Conclusions”. When Texas wanted to allow Licensed CHL’s to carry on campus, many professors’ heads turned 360 degrees and the started vomiting pea soup. Their complaint was that they did not want kids “right out of high school” carrying guns on campus. Actually, I would agree…if those kids were 21 years old when they graduated high school…. I think they would have a point. However, because the license is only given to those that are 21+ and have been investigated by the FBI, it would be safe to assume that they would not want to compromise their license by doing anything that these professors believed.

    The training that my brother and I are proposing would not necessarily allow anyone with the license to carry on campus. In fact, this training would not undermine the authority of the District in any way.

    What my brother and I are offering is:
    1. To help teachers and coaches to get their license to carry in the State of Texas.
    2. Teach them NRA standards for safe gun handling.
    3. Teach them NRA standards for defense in the home.
    4. Teach them Standards taught by the Texas Bureau of Private Security, Advance Law Enforcement Rapid Response Training, and those of Texas Commission on Law Enforcement Standards and Education.
    5. Teach them how to identify, react to, and respond to emergencies that could hurt the children that they are dedicated to protect and teach.
    6. Teach them how to use a firearm when, and if, all else fails and the lives of children are at risk.

    After that, the school can then set standards for those that are allowed to carry during school hours: knowing that the ones that are carrying have been trained to the standards of the NRA, Military, and Law Enforcement.

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