Campus Carry — is the 3rd Time the Charm?

Plano ISDl Low IQ Sign

Plano ISD Low IQ Sign

Pictured to the left is an improperly-posted 30.06 sign on a parking lot of a Plano ISD school. This is an example of waste of taxpayer’s money by somebody stupid enough to believe that it somehow makes the students there safer in some way.

For starters, the Plano ISD is not permitted to use the 30.06 sign, by Texas law. Therefore, this sign has no effect, and can be ignored.

Also, carrying a concealed handgun onto the premises (as defined in TPC 36.035, which explicitly does not include parking lots) of a school or college without the written permission of the school board or the principal is already a felony. It should not be a felony, but it is.

State Representative Allen Fletcher (R) has filed House Bill 972, NRA-backed legislation allowing Concealed Handgun Licensees (CHLs) to protect themselves in buildings on the campuses of public colleges and universities in Texas. This is, of course, being subjected to the same disinformation campaign that was seen the first two times.

The state Senate passed this legislation as a stand-alone bill in 2009 and as an amendment to a higher education bill in 2011.  During both sessions, the full state House of Representatives failed to even consider this measure.

So, is the 3rd time the charm? Will law-abiding CHL holders actually be allowed to defend themselves on campus?

I wonder if Rep. Fletcher might add a provision to his bill to make the Plano ISD take down those low-IQ advertisements while he’s at it.

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