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You may have noticed a few glitches in this site today. I fumbled a bit with the migration to a new host, and I took the site down quite a bit longer than I had planned. More than once, as it turned out. However, on my third try, everything went through without a hitch. I’m not really understanding why I had so many problems on the first two attempts.

The reason for the migration is that I had some problems with my previous hosting service. It’s not that they didn’t deliver on their promises or anything — it was my own problem for signing up for an account with limited resources. The hosting company (HostPCI) delivered good performance; it’s just that I started using way too much bandwidth and disk space (that’s not a bad thing!). BTW, I still host some sites there, and I plan to continue doing so.

HostPCI assisted me in the move, and even gave me some temporary extra disk and bandwidth at no extra charge to allow me to complete the backup I needed for the migration, so I have no complaints against them. Their service is truly great, and I definitely got the high performance that they promised. I just didn’t buy enough disk space and bandwidth.

The new host is Hostgator, with whom I already have some other sites. As you can see from the ad on the left, Hostgator features “unlimited” disk space and bandwidth. I put “unlimited” in quotes because in reality, there is no such thing, and when your site gets really big and popular, you can expect an invitation to either upgrade your service or go away. However, the limits are much higher than I had at HostPCI, at the expense of somewhat lower performance, and a little bit longer turnaround on the help desk (which is still pretty good, especially considering the number of customers they have). You get what you pay for, and I have high regards for both companies. Overall, I think Hostgator is probably the best deal out there for someone just starting out with a new website or blog.

I anticipate that the site may be slightly slower to load, which is just a tradeoff for the “unlimited” disk and bandwidth.

EDIT: I have once again migrated the site, this time to D9 (headquartered in the UK, but has a server farm in the US). I found the performance of D9 to be about 5-7 times faster than Hostgator, and more reliable, to boot.

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