“Coverage” by El Paso Times on Pending Campus Carry Bill

ElPasoTimeI tried to comment on the El Paso Times excuse for “coverage” of a recent bill on campus carry that managed to escape from committee in the Texas Legislature, but I was unable. No matter what I tried, I got back the message that I wasn’t “logged in” to their site. I’m guessing they either have no clue how to run a web site (or hired somebody equally clueless to run it for them), or simply don’t want comments on their “coverage” from a Texas Certified CHL Instructor like me. Since I try not to ascribe to malice what can be adequately explained by incompetence, I’ll go with the assumption of incompetence, although I think what’s in play here is blatant Liberal bias.

The first thing in the “coverage” that caught my eye was a blatant falsehood: “The misdemeanor violation could — but it’s not automatic — cause violators to lose their license.”

I would think that a requirement for being a reporter would be the ability to read, but apparently that is not the case. I wonder if reporters work for the El Paso Times only because they don’t qualify to be Wal-Mart greeters (among other things, a Wal-Mart greeter must be observant).

A misdemeanor conviction (class A or B, and in this case, it’s a class A) AUTOMATICALLY causes a CHL holder to lose his or her license for a minimum of seven years. The license is suspended immediately upon arrest, enforced by the arresting officer, and becomes a revocation upon conviction, at which time the 7-year exclusion begins. Every time. The only way around the 7-year loss of license is to be acquitted, or have the conviction overturned on appeal. Or, pardoned — which is a bit harder to accomplish.

“The full House never voted on the bill in 2011.”

That is correct, but they left out the reason, namely that the chair of the committee was told by the A&M Board of Regents that if he let that bill out of committee back then, he would not get his complementary season tickets for A&M football games for the next two years. Aren’t you glad your legislators are so easy to buy? Too bad that tactic didn’t work this time.

“We also believe most school districts, and most certainly colleges and universities, already take measures to protect their students by using professional, licensed security guards.”

Yup. When every second counts, the police are a mere half-hour away.

The bill still allows any college or university in the state to “opt-out,” which means that the status quo is unlikely to change, at least not right away. What these “reporters” fear is that they will fall to the same techniques that Liberals have used for decades to achieve gradual change. The worst thing that could happen, at least in their eyes, is for an active shooter to be stopped by a CHL holder on a campus that allows campus carry, showing the rest of the schools that it can be a lifesaver.

The same sort of disinformation campaign has been used to resist every improvement in the CHL carry statutes.

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  1. The real problem is the fact that “well credentialed” professors simply cannot see the possibility of uncredintialed individuals being treated as equals.

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