Looks Like Campus Carry Won’t Make it This Year

UTTower…again, having succumbed to a massive Liberal disinformation campaign. Texas State Senator John Whitmire (D-Houston), the chair of the Criminal Justice committee, has decided he will not allow SB 182 to be considered at this time, using the lamest excuse I’ve seen in a while, even from a Democrat. He cited the recent mass shooting incidents in Connecticut and Colorado as the reasoning for this decision, something the majority of Texas Senators would consider a good reason for passage of the bill.

I wonder if the A&M Board of Regents used the same tactic they did in 2011.

There is another bill pending which might make it to the Senate floor, and has a chance of passage. It will allow students (who have CHLs) to keep handguns in their vehicles parked on campus parking lots, just like any non-student (and non-faculty-member) with a CHL can already do (but only in publicly-accessible parking lots) under the provisions of TPC 46.035. The only reason colleges and universities can restrict handguns from student’s cars at present is because the parking lots are restricted-access. This is actually an interpretation of case law, and not an explicit part of the statutes, in which the restricted access is considered to be an extension of “premises” in the same way a fence can be considered the extension of a building. So this bill (SB 1907) would simply override a narrow interpretation of prior case law.

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  2. Northeast Texas Community College in Mt. Pleasant, TX, teaches the CHL program on campus. Students are required to bring their own firearm and ammunition to the class on campus. Upon completion they receive a “Certificate of Successful Completion” from the College Professor that teaches the program. This Certificate allows the student to apply for a license from the State of Texas.

    After they receive their license, the college will not allow them to carry on campus because the Administration does not believe that these students will carry their firearm safely or responsibly.

    Does this mean that the program at NTCC is not up to standard?
    Or, does this mean that the Professor is handing out Certificates to students that are not qualified?

    Anyone wanna touch this one?

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