Four-Hour Texas CHL Class Bill Passed

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It appears that as of September 1st, 2013, the Texas CHL classroom requirement will be reduced to 4 hours. From my reading of the bill, the 4 hour requirement is for the classroom-only portion, and the range test will be extra, so the total time requirement will be about 5 hours, or roughly half of the current CHL class time requirement.

Assuming that Governor Perry signs it into law, which I regard as very likely.

I don’t have any objection to this.  I have remarked to most of my classes that I have the problem of how to “cram” about 4 hours’ worth of information into 9 hours. However, like almost any change in the CHL program, it will be a disruption to the business of most of the instructors. I predict that a significant percentage of the new license applicants will choose to wait until September 1st to take the class, which in turn will mean that the CHL training business is going to be down significantly between now and then. I will be suspending my CHL classes until after September 1st.

Then, after September 1st, I expect a sharp increase in demand for the new course. My brother has already started working on a new outline, and I may be collaborating with him.

Here is the text of the 4-Hour CHL Class S.B. No. 864.

While I’m OK with the reduced classroom time, I still fear that there are many people getting CHLs without sufficient firearms knowledge. IMNSHO, the CHL range test is not anywhere near hard enough.


In other news, I’m happy to report that I may have been wrong about the prospects of the campus carry bill. At least, I hope I was. It appears that other versions of the bill that Texas State Senator John Whitmire (D-Houston) tried to stifle are still alive in both houses.

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  1. Sitting on pins and needles. I know that everyone is set for the 4 hour CHL training program. However: What if? I mean, look at the other States that have gone to the 4 to 6 hour CHL/CCW program. What do they do to fill the void of people that don’t know how to shoot a gun?

    The fact of the matter is: Those States require the student to have completed a Pistol Proficiency Training program through another training facility before they can take the CHL/CCW program. That means, that means that they still do a lot of extra training.

    DPS is “Obviously” going to have a program where a student only attends class for 4 to 6 hours…. but there is a hint that they will also require the student get a certificate from one of the other “Approved” training programs. That could mean that the classes will continue to be about 10 hours long. It might also mean that there are two expenses instead of one: 1 is the CHL class and 2 is the proficiency training.

    And we won’t know anything until after this next weekend…. and hopefully soon there after!!!

    Personally, I don’t believe that there will be any significant change from the old teaching other than the clarifying of what we should have been doing all along. In fact, Howard and I started doing just that about a year ago by encouraging people to take the NRA Basics Class before taking the CHL class…. something that is rumored to become a standard for all instructors in the following year.

    If it does, I will put on my website: “Harkness’ lead the way!”

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