Whoopie! I Got a Hater!

Firearms_218x299I got a one-star review on The Beginning Prepper’s Guide to Firearms!

Gary Mendelblatt, who lists himself as “Dad, Husband, Golfer, Friend” left this rambling, semi-coherent, one-star review on Amazon:

This author is brain washed, paranoid, sick and dangerous. Under a guise of a learning situation, he uses this medium to expose his right wing paranoia.

Please don’t bother reading this. Even embarrassing Limbaugh would find this nutcase a danger to society. Real leaders, real greatness comes from people who try to help society, not from idiots who make people hate. Blaming politicians for all of your woes is typical. Why not spend your time and resources in helping others.

What the underside of humanity has come to is people like this “author”, a very sick man. Just because a person likes shooting, or likes hunting, or likes fishing, shouldn’t make them a link to each other in fear of the government and instead, if you peel back the layers you will find a bigot, who is happy to find chaos and feels he will have an excuse to kill. Don’t sell self defense and then convince your audience to kill others. I’ve wasted enough of my time. Find greatness

Looks like Mr. Mendelblatt projects a lot. Note that he did not actually purchase — or read — the book. After all, it’s pretty obvious that he is not in the target demographic for this sort of information. Nor does he understand the actual meaning of a number of the words he uses.

I’m also guessing that Mr. Mendelblatt has never heard of the Streisand Effect, and probably thinks that I’ll be just devastated by his blistering “review.”


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