CHL Classes in 2014?


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I completed all of the requirements for renewing my CHL instructor certificate over a month ago, which was the earliest I was able to do so, because the DPS did not even offer the renewal course until November.

There have been over 50 different changes in CHL law effective September first of this year, and that required a substantial re-vamping of the CHL program. For starters, the classroom portion is now a minimum of 4 hours (not including break time, so the real minimum is about 4.5 hours). That alone required a complete re-write of the course curriculum.

As frequently happens when the DPS gets swamped, they also become unresponsive. I have been unable to get any information on the status of my instructor certificate renewal application. I’m hearing reports from other instructors with the same problem. I’m guessing that the first-time CHL applications are also being delayed.

My certificate expires at the end of this month. There is no point in scheduling any classes after that date until I get my renewal confirmation, which is why there is nothing on the calendar.

Assuming that the renewal does go through (and I don’t know of any reason it wouldn’t, but there’s no telling what is going on in the DPS bureaucracy), I hope to have a class in March. I might have one in February, but the lead time for that is already shorter than I would like. January is probably a lost cause, although if somebody requests a private class, I might be able to accommodate that if my renewal confirmation comes in before then.

You can watch this space for updates, or if you would like me to email you when class scheduling resumes, send me an email at or use the contact page to tell me you are interested.

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