Instructor Certification Renewed!

Photo Credit: Thomas Favre-Bulle

Photo Credit: Thomas Favre-Bulle

I got my 2014-2015 instructor certificate in the mail on Tuesday, so I’m back in the CHL business.

Sort of.

At this point, about the earliest I can organize, advertise, and present a public class will be in March (tentatively the 2nd Saturday). I do have some possible private classes, which take less time to put together, mostly because I usually have a lot of help with putting the class roster together from the person requesting the class.

I am in the process of learning a new bit of scheduling software to use on my site. I don’t like the way the one I have been using works — aside from being buggy and difficult to make work with my classes, every time it gets “updated” I have to re-do all of my customizations. I hope the new plugin works better, but I will have to spend a day or so testing it out (which I will do on a test site, not this one!).

Worst case, I may have to write my own. I hesitate to do that, because it is a major undertaking that comes with some risk. WordPress is currently so popular that hackers target it specifically, along with looking for security holes in plugins. I’m not sure I want to dedicate that large a portion of my life to maintaining and worrying about the security of my site.

Regardless, I hope to have a public class scheduled and a registration form posted by Saturday or Sunday.

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