Open Carry is Here; Oh, my!

Some Police Chiefs have been telling business owners that they, “Must Put Up the Sign”….. the Texas PC 30.07 sign.   But many of the business owners asked me if this is true and I told them, “NO”.

Fortunately most of them have held off on the signs to see if there would be a problem in the first place: so far, NOTHING.

You do not have to put up the sign.  PC 30.06 and PC 30.07 both clearly state that all you have to do is, “Give Effective Notice”.  This can be in the form of verbal notice, handing out a piece of paper, or putting up the $100+ sign…. at each and every door.

Local Cops simply do not have a parking space in their cognitive reasoning that allows them to see that guns might be carried by more than just Cops and Robbers.  Therefore, they simply default to the, “Just Say No” ideology.  They truly believe anyone that enters your business with a gun (and is not a cop) must be a threat.

I tell my students, “Respect the business owner as you would have them respect you” and, “Never carry openly unless you have backup (three or more armed) to watch your back”.



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