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Back Home

I have returned from my out-of-state contract. I’m happy to announce that I made the two-day trip back home without rearranging any sheet metal or breaking any glass. I did have one minor mishap: I overfilled my truck bed to … Continue reading

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CHL Classes Suspended Until 2015

I have accepted a full-time contract which precludes me from holding any more CHL classes for the rest of 2014. My brother, Thomas Harkness, is actively holding CHL and NRA classes in East Texas. Read more […]

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Instructor Certificate Expired

I finally got a response from DPS on my certificate renewal application. They said that they never got the range test form that I submitted to their site twice and emailed them twice. I emailed it again. While I was … Continue reading

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CHL Classes in 2014?

There have been over 50 different changes in CHL law effective September first of this year, and that required a substantial re-vamping of the CHL program. For starters, the classroom portion is now a minimum of 4 hours (not including break time, so the real minimum is about 4.5 hours). That alone required a complete re-write of the course curriculum. Continue reading

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Looks Like Campus Carry Won’t Make it This Year

John Whitmire (D-Houston), the chair of the Criminal Justice committee, has decided he will not allow SB 182 to be considered at this time, using the lamest excuse I’ve seen in a while, even from a Democrat. He cited the recent mass shooting incidents in Connecticut and Colorado as the reasoning for this decision, something the majority of Texas Senators would consider a good reason for passage of the bill. Continue reading

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