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Blog Migration Complete

You may have noticed a few glitches in this site today. I fumbled a bit with the migration to a new host, and I took the site down quite a bit longer than I had planned. More than once, as it turned out. However, on my third try, everything went through without a hitch. I’m not really understanding why I had so many problems on the first two attempts. Continue reading

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Bing is the new Google?

In addition to blatantly promoting Google sites over organic search, Google has made a number of changes to Gmail and GReader, most of which I really don’t care for. So, I took a fresh look at Bing, and I was pleasantly surprised by what I saw. Continue reading

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In just the past few weeks, I have been having problems with PayPal. If you have problems with the PayPal transfer, please make a note of exactly what happened, and use the contact form to notify me. Continue reading

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Conversion to WordPress

I finally got around to doing the redesign of my CHL site. Continue reading

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Google Voice Broken

Google Voice is broken. Sometime around noon today, callers trying to reach me at my new phone number started getting a “number out of service” or “cannot be completed as dialed” message. Continue reading

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