Class Sign-up

Howard has moved to Oklahoma but his little brother (Me) (aka “Thomas”) will be taking over setting up classes and training until he returns.    Actually, I anticipate that my big brother will eventually either change the website to a new venue or return to Texas and restart his firearms training program.  In either case I am available for teaching firearm safety and responsibility – Sign up here=>

For now, let me introduce myself-  I am a former U.S. Army Ranger, Retired Austin Texas Firefighter, Retired Nurse, and former Deputy Sheriff.    I teach a low key firearms training program that is designed “Not for the over-priced combat killer” but the average homebody that simply wants to live in peace in a world of chaos.    While all the other fools that want to carry a gun to look cool get their “quickie” license to carry a really cool gun, I encourage people to do the right thing and learn how to use a firearm correctly and safely.

I would rather you learn how to use the firearm comfortably than have you learn all the trickery that goes with the legal complications that come with carrying a firearm.   A gun will NOT protect you when the need arises – but you can protect yourself with a gun if you know how to use it properly.

BEFORE YOU SIGN UP FOR A CLASS:  You need to know how to shoot a pistol safely and responsibly before you sign up for a License to Carry in Texas.   Please consider one of the many NRA pistol Training programs before you consider the LTC.