Open Carry Inches Towards Acceptance

As reported in the Dallas Morning News, Open Carry has been approved by the Texas Senate. The new measure, if passed by the House and signed by the governor (who has already indicated that if it gets to his desk, he will sign it), will allow CHL holders to carry openly. As I have written previously, I'm ok with Open Carry, but I don't plan to carry openly myself. I'm still hoping for campus carry. Liberals have been pulling out all the stops in a disinformation campaign to stop that one. The Read more [...]
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This Site is Under a Brute-Force Login Attempt Attack

I have disabled logins except for my own IP address, in response to an unusually heavy brute-force script-kiddie attack on this site. The attack is so heavy it was eating enough bandwidth to slow down the site, amounting to a DDOS attack. If you wish to contact me, please use the contact form. I hope that the attackers eventually lose interest and quit. Read more [...]
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Will Campus Carry Really Happen This Time?

Campus carry has been bouncing in and out of our Texas legislature for about a decade now. Last time, it was defeated by a TAMU official who reached out to some of the Texas legislators, and informed them that if campus carry passed, they could forget all about their free season box tickets for A&M football. It will be interesting to see if that unethical and illegal tactic will be successfully used again this session. Here's some information on that from the NRA: Senate Bill 11, sponsored Read more [...]
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Back Home

I have returned from my out-of-state contract. I'm happy to announce that I made the two-day trip back home without rearranging any sheet metal or breaking any glass. I did have one minor mishap: I overfilled my truck bed to the point that the latches on my tonneau cover failed on the first day. I made the 2nd half of the trip with a heavy-duty bungee holding the lid most of the way done. Fortunately, the rain stopped after the first day. I'm still recovering from the move and the fact that I've Read more [...]
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CHL Classes Suspended Until 2015

I have accepted a full-time contract which precludes me from holding any more CHL classes for the rest of 2014. My brother, Thomas Harkness, is actively holding CHL and NRA classes in East Texas. Read more [...]
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