Instructor Certification Renewed!

I got my 2014-2015 instructor certificate in the mail on Tuesday, so I'm back in the CHL business. Sort of. Read more [...]
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Instructor Certificate Expired

I finally got a response from DPS on my certificate renewal application. They said that they never got the range test form that I submitted to their site twice and emailed them twice. I emailed it again. While I was preparing to also FAX it, re-submit it to their website, and mail a physical copy via registered mail (and repeat daily), I got an acknowledgment that they had received it. That was late last week. I have not received anything further from DPS, so, as of today, my instructor certificate Read more [...]
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CHL Classes in 2014?

There have been over 50 different changes in CHL law effective September first of this year, and that required a substantial re-vamping of the CHL program. For starters, the classroom portion is now a minimum of 4 hours (not including break time, so the real minimum is about 4.5 hours). That alone required a complete re-write of the course curriculum. Read more [...]
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Whoopie! I Got a Hater!

I got a one-star review on The Beginning Prepper's Guide to Firearms! Gary Mendelblatt, who lists himself as "Dad, Husband, Golfer, Friend" left this rambling, almost incoherent review: Read more [...]
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I have a question... Read more [...]
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