I limit the size of my classes. Unfortunately, I have been in the position of having to turn away folks who want to take my class, only to have empty seats on the class date due to no-shows. That’s just not fair to the people whom I had to turn away.

There is no longer an option for pay-at-the-door on my registration page, although if the class is not full, I will permit you to bring cash or check to class. If you are unable to pay prior to the class, contact me to make other arrangements before the class. “Pay at the door” will cost you $90, and subject to last-minute bumping in favor of a pre-paid enrollment if the class fills up.

I currently limit the License to Carry classes to 15 students. Since I am currently holding classes on a weekday, I expect that my enrollment limit is unlikely to be a problem for anyone.


Two-Day Classes

I now offer combined NRA and LTC classes. These classes are intended for the student with little or no handgun experience, and successful completion of the NRA portion of the class should enable the student to pass the LTC range test easily on the first try. There is a discount for the combined class. If you wish to enroll in a two-day class, you will need to pick a date for the second class and enroll in that separately. You may take the two classes in either order, but you will need to take the LTC range test on the same day you take the NRA Basic Pistol class. I need to work on the script some more to make this a little more straightforward, but for the second enrollment, note in the comments box that you have enrolled in a combined NRA+LTC class, so that I can apply your discount. You must complete both courses within 6 months to get the combined class discount. If you do not complete both classes within the 6-month limit, you will be refunded the difference between what you paid and the regular price of whichever class you did not attend. Note that the NRA class is separate from the LTC class, and you don’t need to enroll in both unless you want to take both classes and get the combination discount.

To Recap: In order to enroll in the two-day class for the combination discount fee, follow this procedure:

  1. Click on either the NRA or LTC class button for your chosen course date, and enter your registration information.
  2. Specify payment type. If you are going to pay using PayPal, complete your PayPal payment before going to the next step.
  3. Then choose another session that is still open, and click on the registration button for that. For payment type, select “check.” In the comment box, tell me that you have registered for a combined NRA+LTC class. If you are paying by PayPal, you will need to make a 2nd payment at this step. I will process your discount manually.
  4. That’s it! You will get a reminder email a few days before the class with additional information.

Seat guarantee and refund policy:

  • If you specify payment by check, I will place you on the roster pending the receipt of your check, and I will notify you when I get the payment. If I don’t get it in 5 business days from the date of your registration, I may release your seat if there are any other folks waiting for it. You may also drop off the check at the mail drop (NOT the class location) in person (please use an addressed envelope, but you don’t need a stamp), in which case I will get it either that evening or the next business day. You may use PayPal to get instant confirmation. You can use a credit card through PayPal even if you do not have a PayPal account, which is the only way that I can accept credit or debit cards, since I don’t currently have enough volume to justify a merchant account.
  • If you cancel with less than three days notice, and I am still able to fill your seat, you will get a 100% refund, otherwise, you will get a refund less a $15 cancellation fee. The cancellation fee may be applied to a future class (2 month limit).
  • If you just don’t show up without canceling, you will get a refund less a $30 no-show fee. $15 of the no-show fee may be applied to a future class (2 month limit).
  • If the class is canceled by me for any reason, every pre-paid student will get a 100% refund. So far, that’s only happened once, and I always hope I never have to cancel a class, but emergencies sometimes happen.

Please note that I generally keep my PayPal account “swept,” so in some cases, it may take me up to a week to process a refund. If you paid by check, I will refund by check after your check clears.

Family Member and Group Discount

If you enroll pre-paid through PayPal in the Texas License to Carry a Handgun, with another family member in an initial applicant class (spouse, child, parent, or “significant other”), you will receive a  discount. If you have a group of 2 or more people enrolling together (co-workers, friends, etc), you will get the same a $5/person “group discount” (this is not the same as a private class).

Unfortunately, my class enrollment script does not automatically apply the group discount, so I have apply that manually.

Privacy Policy:

  • I do not use the email addresses that I collect from class registrations for any purpose other than to contact you regarding a class that you have requested or attended. The only exception to this is if you ask me to contact you for some other reason. I do not sell email addresses to anybody, or market to this list.
  • I have a newsletter mailing list for interested persons. This is a DOUBLE OPT-IN list. It features announcements (including commercial) announcements that I think will be of interest to gun owners.
  • When I send out emails to the class list, I use the BCC feature to insure privacy. Some email reader programs will classify mail send with several BCC addresses as SPAM. Please put instructor@chl-tx.com in your whitelist if this is the case for your email program, so that you won’t miss any notices.
  • I will always get your permission before publishing a testimonial, and I will omit your name if you prefer.