Site News (09-24-2015)

  • Howard has moved to Oklahoma and will not be doing the Texas CHL training program for the time being.   However, Thomas Harkness, will continue to offer the new Texas License to Carry training that will officially start on January 1, 2016, as well as, NRA classes in Northeast Texas.
  • The New License to Carry program will be approximately 5 hours in length.   On occasion the class will end earlier if there are no distractions or complications.
  • Howard’s new book finally went “live”!
  • The New Texas “Open Carry” law will not go into effect until January 1, 2016.    Some people have already started carrying openly throughout the Northeast Texas.   This is illegal.   Most business are just as clueless to when the law goes into effect as the people carrying.   Until someone becomes the “test dummy” for the early-birds, -No problem…. but you won’t find me carrying openly any time soon.
  • Concealed Carry on Campus is not what you might think it is. 
    • First, phase one of this law will not go into effect until August of 2016
      • This includes 4 year State Colleges
    • Second, phase two of this law will not go into effect until August of 2017.
      • This includes all 2 year (Junior) State Colleges.